Fashion is a way of expressing and respecting the First Nation's culture through an accessible, fun and positive approach. It keeps the culture strong, alive and provides a way for everyone to wear real stories. 

Life Apparel Co is a proud advocate and member of the Indigenous Art Code. The Indigenous Art Code is a system to preserve and promote ethical trading in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island art. The Code supports the rights of Indigenous Artists to negotiate fair terms for their work and gives buyers greater certainty about an artwork’s origin.

Nationally renowned and rising Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists from all over the country collaborate with Life Apparel Co to translate their traditional stories into contemporary fashion collections. Life Apparel Co offers license fees and/or royalty fees to the artists, commissioning the original, 100% authentic artworks for a limited time only to legally and respectfully recreate them on our products.


Amanda Conway-Jones

"The bright colours from my hometown and the ocean are represented through all my paintings..."

Shara Delaney

"My paintings are my identity as a strong saltwater woman, connection to family, sand and sea."

Kimberly Engwicht

"I simply love to create fun, bright, colourful and positive digital art along with different styles of lettering."

Emma Hollingsworth

"I paint in order to express myself and help non-Indigenous people understand our culture and our people."

Glen Mackie

"As one of Yam Island’s few practising artist, I feel I have a responsibility to keep alive the sacred stories..."

Daniel O'Shane

"The narratives I depict generally retell anecdotes from my childhood or ancient stories of my ancestors."

Rachael Sarra

"I love to create pieces that can become a vehicle for conversation and change by helping to connect and celebrate culture."

Loreen Samson

"I paint about the beauty of our land, including markings and body symbols of my tribe and culture."

Wendy Rix

"I draw inspiration from my history and family, about experiences and circumstances relevant to today."

Jo Bayalawuy Thorne

"I started painting in hopes of passing on stories of spiritual connections to land, sea, flora and fauna to future generations."

Ailsa Walsh

"I've been continuing to explore visual art forms as well as going into new mediums such as acting, film making..."

Lara Went

"Each artwork tells a story, whether it is a life lesson or in the case of a custom work, a personal and unique story."

Corban Williams

"I paint about my Country, where my grandfather walked around and collected food, and visited the same rockholes I do."


Raymond W Japanangka

"I understand the importance of telling creation stories the same way I was told by my grandparents."

Geoff Sellman

"As a current President of Parramatta Arts Society, I contribute to local cultural advocacy and regular exhibitions."

Eden Jamieson

"My biggest inspiration for artworks and drawings stems from the ocean and all of its beautiful creatures."

Danial Kelly

"I started art via graffiti and street art and had multiple exhibitions and collaborations with many artists for almost two decades."

Nathan Patterson

"I strive to push the boundaries of contemporary Aboriginal art through the use of vibrant colours and unique elements..."

John Smith Gumbula

"I'm passionately involved in diverse innovative artistic mediums around the country spanning over 25+ years."

Miimi & Jiinda

"Our unique creations tell visual stories about country and kin from the oldest surviving culture in the world"


Life Apparel Co is always interested in connecting with new artists or any creative person for future collections. If our ethos inspires you, contact us and let's get together.