First Nations artist, a Miriam Mer and Kuku Yalanji man residing in Cairns, Queensland, Australia.

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About Daniel

Through the combination of his heritage and the art form of vinyl printing, Daniel has been rewarded with knowledge and stories of his ancestors. This has given him the opportunity to gain an insight into the rich history of his culture and to discover himself in the making.

Daniel describes his style as naturally intricate with an intuitive flow, and he thinks what makes it unique are the free-moving lines and patterns that are consistent in all his prints. These patterns are a fusion of his Torres Strait Islander and Aboriginal heritage. The narratives he depicts generally retell anecdotes from his childhood or ancient stories of his ancestors.

Daniel draws inspiration from elements within the stories themselves: the land and sea, song and dance, ornaments and utensils, and traditions. The tangible connection he feels to these stories motivates him when beginning a new piece and he feels the same amount of reverence when explaining and re-telling the stories and his culture as he does when printing them.

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Daniel has teamed up with Life Apparel Co in 2019 to create this special edition artwork.

He is currently represented with one design in our retail collection.

Reflection - Mar-Asmer

Hand-drawn illustration on paper

The way Daniel expresses, conducts, approaches and executes his art is in fact his voice, treaty and truth. Reflection (Mar-asmer) reflects the notion that Daniel is heard through his art, and the artwork reflects how creating work is the truest form of his identity.

Daniel sees this as his own contract between himself and his culture. Not a single specific or literal image can represent these themes to Daniel. Reflection (Mar-asmer) embodies a map of Daniel's culture, his people and himself; which is a reflection of his voice, treaty and truth."