Scott Rathman

First Nations artist, an Eastern Arrernte man from Loxton, South Australia, Australia.

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About Scott

Scott is an Aboriginal artist who was born in Loxton in South Australia, although his origins go back to his grandmother's country of the Arltunga region of the East MacDonnell ranges and the Arrernte people of Central Australia.

The rich colour and design in Scott’s art is seen by him as a tribute to his Grandmother who was an amazing strong woman and role model despite her being taken from her family as a child. His curiosity to explore and understand his cultural background is the passion that drives and inspires him to look at new ways to combine the traditions of his heritage with designs of the present day.

Scott works with acrylics and Aerosol in 2D on both canvas and large scale mural work. He works in the community, organisations and schools on projects related to culture and developing the capacity of non-Aboriginal people in the community to expand their cultural learning.

He has been painting his Contemporary Aboriginal Artworks since 1989 and his works are held by art lovers who are drawn to the unique design that represent the past, present and future through contemporary creative design and expression.  


Scott has teamed up with Life Apparel Co in 2020 to create this special edition artwork.

He is currently represented with one design in our retail collection.

Growth - Sit Together, Learn Together

“This artwork represents a moment in time in which people come from many places to sit together in the shadow of those who walked here before us. We all have a place at the circle to share our story and listen to others share theirs.

Through sitting and learning from each other we embark on a shared journey of growth. This journey allows us to nurture one another and to overcome ignorance by learning the truth.”