First Nations artist, a Wardandi Noongar & Saibai Islander man from Perth, Western Australia.

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About Tyrown

Tyrown is a Wandandi Noongar (Aboriginal) and Ait Koedhal (Torres Strait Islander) multidisciplinary artist and graphic designer. His practice includes painting, illustration, sculpture, animation and graphic design

"As an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander graphic designer many of my clients approach me for high quality, culturally appropriate and indigenous centred design.  A few of my clients are Aboriginal Health Council of Western Australia, Australian National University, First Nations Justice Campaign and many more. My biggest accomplishment in this discipline was winning the 2020 NAIDOC poster competition. 

My paintings and sculpture are about expressing myself freely. These works are expressive and abstract pieces that explore fantasy and surreal concepts. I have had pieces featured in Fremantle Art Centers Revealed Exhibition 2019 where my painting sold to the Department of Local Government, Sports and Cultural Industries (WA) Collection. 

The animations and illustration begin to delve my desire to tell a story. My animations are short clips that looks at observational, satirical, puns and surreal humour. Illustration allows me to create comic and picture books."



Tyrown has teamed up with Life Apparel Co in 2021 to create this special edition artwork.

He is currently represented with two designs in our retail collection.

Creation Spirits / Replenishment

Digital illustration

The artwork is bright and colourful to reflect the natural cycles of a healthy country. The figures and faces throughout the work, paired with floral patterns and connecting lines represent creation spirits coming to replenish country after it's been destroyed.

Seasonal destruction (such as back-burning or fires) is a necessary part of nature, allowing country to replenish and flourish in the following wet seasons as the rain fills the rivers and brings fish. This work celebrates the natural self-healing and replenishment of the land, and the people that live in harmony with it.


Tyrown has teamed up with Life Apparel Co in 2020 to create this special edition artwork.

He is currently represented with one design in our retail collection.


Digital illustration

"Each of us is different, yet we are all connected by our humanity. When we fully realise this human connection with respect and understanding, we can all share in the gifts that our world has to offer. 'Unite' was designed to express this.

The figures in this artwork represent people of different shapes and sizes, with a diverse range of skin tones. The aesthetic of the design references Aboriginal depictions of spirits, however the artwork is made to be shared and worn by everyone. Although every one of us has our own individual path to walk, let us celebrate that we are all much greater when we walk united as one, while respecting each other.