Marou Wing Aboriginal artist


Aboriginal artist

Language group: Noongar
(Western Australia)


In his early childhood, he moved to New South Wales with his mother and sister. Later he started studying digital art and began painting which reflects his own childhood growing up with his family out in the country. At the age of nineteen, Marou returned to Western Australia, to the land where he was born ad his people came from.

"I’m taking a break from my everyday life to find myself and go on a journey of discovering my inner creativity. I’m spending some time travelling, and with the help of my ancestors I will build myself into the image of exactly what I believe is good, right, healthy and full of integrity."


Marou has teamed up with Life Apparel Co to create a product specific, editioned artwork.

He is currently represented with one design in our retail collection.


Digital illustration


This artwork tells an important family story: Dreamtime focuses on the travels of his ancestors and the significant sites that they passed. Specific information about the journey is hidden in certain dot forms marked with certain colours. The minimal depiction in this particular work conveys the distance between landmarks and important places.


Life Apparel Co is a proud advocate and member of the Indigenous Art Code. We closely collaborate with and commission Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists. All Indigenous artworks that feature on the products are 100% authentic