Aboriginal artist

Language group: Ngarluma
(Western Australia, Australia)

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About Loreen

She was born in Roebourne where she still resides today. Loreen is a respected artist who is passionate about teaching the younger generations in her community. 

Aboriginal people from the area around Roebourne call themselves Ngarda or the Ngarda-nali, although people also identify with their language groups, referring to themselves as Ngarluma, Yinjibarndi, Gurrama or Banjima. These distinct groups have their own local traditions, so there is a mix of laws and customs found in Roebourne. Many people living in the town today have been displaced from their country since colonization, and forcibly removed from their homelands as a result of the pastoral industry and, more recently, the impact of the mining industry.

Loreen paints about her feelings, social justice, mining, the thoughts she has of her heritage and the stories of her ancestors, using mainly colours of the land. She is a multiple Cossack Art Award winner and her paintings are held in the Australian National Museum, Canberra and Berndt Museum, UWA collections.


Loreen has teamed up with Life Apparel Co in 2020 trough her art group Wangaba Roebourne Art Group to create this special edition artwork.

She is currently represented with one design in our retail collection.

Voice Of Land

Acrylic on canvas

The land owns us, we don’t own the land. We learn from the land when we acknowledge that she is our mother, and she speaks to us. She has her own culture, and she teaches us. The land provides for us, and helps us to bring life.

Our ancestors walked these same paths, living in harmony with country. The roots of our people are entwined in the spirit of the land. Their footsteps on the land tell their stories, like drawings on rock walls.


Life Apparel Co is a proud advocate and member of the Indigenous Art Code.
We closely collaborate with and commission Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists.

All Indigenous artworks that feature on the products are 100% authentic.