shelley conway

South Sea Islander artist, a Vanuatu woman residing on Yugambeh land (Gold Coast, QLD Australia)

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About Shelley

Shelley's family has a humble history of farming and cane cutting in South East Queensland and the Northern Rivers of New South Wales. She and her siblings are a combination of Bundjalung people and the children of Kanakas, ‘blackbirded’ from Vanuatu. The men cut the cane and the women farmed the red soil of the caldera left by the once active volcano that is known now as Wollumbin.

“My connection to self and to the world around me is a direct reflection of my relationship with mother nature. I honour her in every way that I can for my own spiritual growth, and use my artwork as a way to share the stories she tells me so that others can see her through my eyes. Without her, we are all lost.”


Shelley has teamed up with Life Apparel Co in 2020 to create this special edition artwork.

She is currently represented with one design in our retail collection.


Acrylic on canvas

I wanted this piece to feel positive and fun by showcasing some of my favourite elements of Island culture and celebration.

These images and colours reflect warm memories shared during traditional gatherings with family. The brightly coloured flowers represent those that
adorn the table tops in abundance as we feast together.

The banana leaves arranged together with the fruits that fill our bellies. The younger girls dancing with swaying hips and confident smiles.

A modern take on old traditions, conjuring up joyful memories that feed
the soul.”