South Sea Islander artist

Cultural background:



She is a creative soul that thrives in nature. Shelley is all about doing what she loves, being a bit of a goose, personal accountability, spiritual growth/healing and family. Her parents were an interracial couple that met in the Tweed area of northern NSW. My mother's grandfather was brought over to Australia from Vanuatu as a Kanaka (cane cutter) and married an Irish woman (my great mother), and they had my grandmother who in turn married an Aboriginal man (my grandfather).

If her feminine, fun and contemporary prints haven't caught your eye yet, it's time to take a look. Summer 18/19 collaborating artist, Rachael Sarra talks finding inspiration in mental states & putting Aboriginal culture, contemporary art and storytelling on a global scale.

Get to know Shelley, Life Apparel's customer love & logistics guru. In our recent interview, she reveals what lights her fire, talks about the passion for her culture.


Rachael has teamed up with Life Apparel Co to create a product specific, editioned artworks. She is currently represented with one design in our retail collection.


Acrylic on canvas


The cowrie shell has been used for many years in multiple ways from currency to divination, luck and jewellery. 

 “For me the cowrie is a totem from my childhood. I was always mesmerised by my auntie’s long threads of cowrie jewellery and the vibrant colours decorating her walls.It stirs warm memories of thetraditional women in my family and the feeling of belonging to a community connected to both the land and water.”


Island Totem polo
Island Totem Scarf

Life Apparel Co is a proud advocate and member of the Indigenous Art Code. We closely collaborate with and commission Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists. All Indigenous artworks that feature on the products are 100% authentic