Life Apparel is commited to be an integral part of a better fashion future. This starts with improving sustainability performance within our own backyard and supply chain, and demonstrating the resilience of sustainable business.

We strive to constantly improve and progress as a socially and environmentally conscious boutique brand since 2014. We continue our journey to develop and manufacture eco-conscious apparel, embracing real sustainable practices and advancing the protection of our country and our planet.

Our Sustainability Milestones


We strive to continuously improve by taking our time and taking care of nature. We are working tirelessly towards implementing practices within our company culture and supply chain to create more sustainability in every crevice – from manufacturing to shipping.

100% free of compostable bio-plastics for all our customers

At least 50% of products manufactured in Australia.
95% reduction in waste generation in our warehouse/office.

100% sustainable and/or recycled polyester.
Developing a used clothing recycle/reuse scheme.