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Life Apparel is commited to be an integral part of a better fashion future. This starts with improving sustainability performance within our own backyard and supply chain, and demonstrating the resilience of sustainable business.
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We strive to constantly improve and progress as a socially and environmentally conscious boutique brand since 2014. At Life Apparel, sustainability is not just a buzzword; it's a core principle that guides every decision we make.
Our mission is to push the boundaries of eco-conscious apparel development, continually embracing genuine sustainable practices that not only benefit our customers but also contribute to the protection and preservation of our land and our planet we all call home.
Thank you for joining us on this inspiring path towards a better fashion future.


Apr 2014

Life Apparel emerged from the heart of Naarm/Melbourne, emphasising local collaboration.

Our first venture? Crafting premium, stylish polos and tops in collaboration with our first Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists.


Feb 2015

Teaming up with First Nations artists, we've crafted an eco-friendly activewear collection that beautifully showcases their art. This unique line merges cultural heritage with sustainable fashion, offering a fresh and thoughtful approach to active wear.

It's truly a pioneering effort, being the first of its kind.

The Code

Feb 2017

We have become an approved signatory of the Indigenous Art Code. The Code empowers artists by supporting them in achieving fair, sustainable, and transparent commercial opportunities for their art.

Endorsed by Arts Law Centre Australia, the Code reinforces our commitment to ethical trading, integrity, transparency, and accountability in our dealings with First Nations Artists.


Jan 2018

We have taken another step towards sustainability by replacing traditional plastic bags with home-compostable courier packaging.

Made primarily from plant materials like corn and infused with non-toxic compostable resin, these innovative satchels are not only environmentally friendly but are also designed to break down quickly, reducing our footprint and leading the way in eco-conscious packaging.


March 2018

In an effort to further our commitment to sustainability, we eliminated paper invoices from all orders and introduced digital PDF invoices instead. This change aimed to reduce our paper consumption and streamline the billing process.

However, in response to numerous requests from our valued customers, we later reversed this decision, reinstating the traditional paper invoices.

Better Cotton™

Feb 2019

We source blank garments (endorsed by The Better Cotton™ Initiative) through a carefully considered buying cycle, specifically for items decorated locally.

The Better Cotton™ Initiative represents a global not-for-profit organisation that not only champions sustainable practices but also holds the distinction of being the largest cotton sustainability program in the entire world.

100% plastic-free

Sept 2019

We have taken the initiative to eliminate all plastic packaging from our products. In its place, we use either premium acid-free paper or home compostable bags to ensure environmentally-friendly alternatives.

Our product labels are thermally printed on kerbside-recyclable labels, and our order inserts are produced using paper made from FSC® certified non-bleached fibres.

Fabrics & Inks

Feb 2020

We've made the transition to using independently certified carcinogen-free inks for our sublimated products, ensuring safety and sustainability. All our screen-printed items have taken a green turn too and are now produced using eco-friendly water-based inks.

Furthermore, we've introduced a new recycled fabric for our polos, which is uniqely crafted from PET bottles, reinforcing our commitment to both quality and environmental responsibility.

Tape & Stickers

Aug 2020

We've made yet another sustainable transition by replacing traditional plastic tape with eco-friendly, fully recyclable craft paper tape. In addition to this, we have introduced biodegradable stickers for our packaging.

These steps underscore our unwavering commitment to promoting sustainable practices in all aspects of our operations.


Jan 2021

Most parcels are shipped using carbon-neutral methods certified by the Department of Environment under the National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS).

These shipments support Australia Post's carbon-offset projects, which have positive environmental and social impacts. Read more here.


Mar 2021

Life Apparel partners with social enterprise, i=Change®, a platform that creates impact with every transaction while maintaining 100% transparency.

This partnership means that each time you purchase from us, we collectively make a positive difference in someone's life. Currently, we extend our support to three esteemed Australian charity organisations.

Supporting Local

Jan 2022

Today, Australian cotton growers produce more cotton on less land, with more efficient water use and with less impact on the environment than anybody else.

In support of national farmers and the local workforce, all blank cotton items we utilise are crafted with 100% Australian-Grown cotton yarn and decorated locally, just around the corner.

Australian Made®

Apr 2022

We have become Australian Made® certified. Selected items, including some of our polos, cotton t-shirts, singlets, jumpers, and hoodies, are now either made or decorated in Australia.

On our anniversary, our group's combined monetary and non-monetary contributions to the community surpassed $125,000.00.

War on Waste

Mar 2023

We have made significant strides in our sustainability efforts by reducing our waste generation in our warehouse and office by 75% compared to previous years.

This step forward underscores our focus on operational efficiency and our commitment to continuous improvement within our organisation.

W E‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ D O N ' T‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ S T O P


We endeavour to continuously improve by taking our time and taking care of our planet. We are working tirelessly towards implementing practices within our company culture and supply chain to create more sustainability in every crevice – from manufacturing to shipping.

Early 2024

  • 100% free of compostable bio-plastics for all our customers.
  • 95% reduction in waste generation in our warehouse/office.


  • At least 50% of products manufactured in Australia.
  • Developing a used clothing recycle/reuse scheme.


100% sustainable and/or recycled polyester.