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Beau Pennefather Motlop

First Nations artist, a Jirrbal (Aboriginal), Wagedoegam Koedal (Torres Strait Islander) and Ngapuhi (Aotearoa/New Zealand) man residing on Gimuy (Cairns, Queensland).


Beau was born in Auckland, Aotearoa (New Zealand) but moved to Gimuy (Cairns), Far North Queensland when he was eight years old. His background includes Aboriginal from the Jirrbal tribe of the surrounding Gimuy and hinterland region, Zenadth Kes (Torres Strait Islands) descendant from the Wagedoegam Koedal (Crocodile) clan of Mabuiag Island as well as Ngapuhi from Aotearoa (New Zealand).

His Torres Strait Islander totems are the Crocodile, Snake, Stonefish and Remora, his Aboriginal totem is the Dingo.

"2006 is when I started to take my art practice seriously and began experimenting with various mediums including pencil, pastels and acrylic paint; I now do the majority of my artwork digitally. My motifs and circular patterns are a unique combination drawn from my three Indigenous heritages.

I love to create depth and dimensions with colours and size differences, including an abundance of detail and intricate patterns; but I also like to balance out my artwork with emptiness and quiet. 



Digital media

I believe the way forward against the oppression and mistreatment of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people is to come together. All races and ethnicities as one through acknowledgment, respect, and understanding. Our voices and actions united towards systemic change, challenging racist and discriminatory behaviour and creating a pathway to a Treaty with the Indigenous peoples of Australia.

The linked hands represent unity, the mixed cultures represented is symbolic of unifying.

The circular motifs represent equality between cultures. The patterns are focusing on people and their unique differences while being woven together like creeks, rivers, waves, tides and currents. All waters run into the sea, reaching "One Water".

Life Apparel Co is an advocate and a proud member of the Indigenous Art Code since 2017.
The Indigenous Art Code is a system to preserve and promote ethical trading in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island art. As an Australian non-Indigenous owned business, we share the responsibility to raise standards in this field and be an example on how to conduct business. 

The Code oversees dealings and supports the rights of Indigenous Artists to negotiate fair terms for their work and gives you, the customer greater certainty about an artwork’s origin.