What is a spray jacket?

What is a spray jacket?

So you’ve probably heard of them, but if you’ve landed here, chances are you’re still not quite sure what they’re all about - the spray jacket. What are they good for and how are they different to a rain jacket? We hear you, and we've got your questions answered...

Why is it called a ‘spray’ jacket?

The spray jacket is there to keep your dry in a light shower or in slightly damp conditions. So it’s designed to shield you from a light “spray” of water or moisture, rather than a downpour, hence the name.

Why is a spray jacket better than a rain coat?

The spray jacket offers a stylish alternative to the rain coat, which serves one purpose only, and needs to be carried around in case of rain, similar to an umbrella. While these items are great in cases of torrential rain, what about the many days where the weather outlook is uncertain? (or any given day of the year if you live in Melbourne!) Well, this is the spray jacket's time to shine. 

This jacket is the super light, super convenient alternative to the rain coat. It looks like a normal jacket, and so can be worn on cooler or windy days as a wind breaker, making it extremely diverse. Whereas rain jackets tend to be a pain to carry and are often not so easy on the eye, spray jackets are light, portable and extremely good looking.

When should I carry a spray jacket?

Spray jackets are perfect for anyone who walks, cycles or catches public transport to get to where they are going, or anyone outdoorsy who likes to roam. Their lightness and portability make them the perfect go-to for a night out or an early morning walk, and their hoods and deep pockets are perfect for keeping your phone and headphones dry in case of a shower.

Their eye-catching design makes spray jackets suitable for almost any occasion for women and men alike. They are super light and can be rolled up for storage in a backpack, shoulder bag or bike carrier with no trouble at all. The water resistant fabric will keep wind and moisture at bay, and the elastic cuffs and drawstring waist mean that you’ll be extra projected from the elements on those windy days.

Where can I get one?

You’ve come to the right place! As you can see, we are huge fans of the spray jacket. You can shop our range of spray jackets as well as regular jackets and hoodies here.

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