Trevor's Story

Trevor's Story

We at Life Apparel love nothing more than hearing how our clothing or products have touched people's lives. It is the very reason why we do what we do. So needless to say that we were deeply touched recently when one of our customers, Trevor, reached out to us in an email. His story warmed our hearts, and when we asked him for a little more detail, he very kindly obliged. What a legend. Here is Trevor's story...

There are two words that mean a lot to me. Context and contrast. My context, my  story comes out of a dark place. My background of years of persistent pain, of living in pain and gaining no relief. Of having a mindset based around PMS, (poor me syndrome) where everything was a problem. Coming from a hurting place and recovering from persistent pain has been an effort to challenge my PMS thinking.

Contrast arrives into my life to challenge my mindset. To take on new thinking. To connect with my story and heal from the pain I lived with. Not only physical pain but psychological pain associated with early childhood memories and a challenging first marriage.

So how did I discover Life Apparel and how has it’s representation of different stories helped me?

I’m not aboriginal, however I have many close friends who are, many have welcomed me into their family. I have a deep respect for Aboriginal culture. Many aspects of Aboriginal culture have real meaning to me.

Many of Life Apparel's artists share their stories, the hope, colour, and life represented through their art resonates with me, provides a contrast to the stuck, hopeless state I was in for a long time.

After recovering from over 20 years of persistent pain I stepped out with some courage to get into relationship with Kay. She too has a deep respect for Aboriginal culture. Short story is that we got married in October 2019. We both had a strong desire to celebrate Aboriginal culture and through our wedding start a new path to create a new story for our family.

A local elder who is very close to Kay gave her away. We both wore clothing that told a story. It was a special day with family and friends.

The colour, meaning, stories, conversations that continue as we wear our Life Apparel clothing remind us of how important family is, how important connection to country is, how important creating a respectful, calm world in our home and community is for us.

The photos I’ve attached show our wedding day and the filming of my story on SBS insight program, where I proudly wore my wedding outfit. [Trevor's story will air on SBS Insight on Tuesday, 14th April at 8:30pm.]

Thank you Trevor for sharing your story with us, we feel honoured to have been included in such an important moment in your life, and we wish you and Kay all the very best in your future together. 

Has our clothing impacted your life in some way? If so, we would be thrilled to hear your story! Please reach out to us here and tell us all about it. 

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