We've gone green

We've gone green

Here's the truth. Using plastic packaging doesn't do any good (not even biodegradable ones). Everyday plastic takes on average 450 years to break-down, pollutes our oceans and has an extremely short useful life. So, we've ditched it. Ba-bye. Goneski. See you never.


Here at Life Apparel, we pride ourselves in constantly improving our quality, services and overall brand experience. So, we've brought a few new initiatives into play with a goal to not only reduce our own carbon footprint, but to reduce yours too. (Talk about a win-win!)

Along with the release of our latest Summer 18/19 collection, we switched our packaging to 100% recycled cardboard and paper materials which break down in just three months. Can we get a heck yeah?! Not only is this 1000x better for the environment, but let's be honest here - it's way more fun opening a thoughtfully packed box than ripping into a plastic satchel. And those gut feelings of guilt after receiving your online purchase wrapped in mounds of plastic? You can say goodbye to that too.


We wanted to help you reduce your own carbon footprint, so we've brought in a new product to do just that. Enter: the Eco Bamboo Travel cup. Most of us have at least one coffee per day - which potentially means for many people, 7 disposable coffee cups are going to waste every single week. 


Weaving Through Time Bamboo cup


That's more than 300 cups going into landfill per person, per year. We don't like that number- and neither should you. Our reusable coffee cups are made from 100% bamboo fibres, have a food grade silicon sleeve & lid and feature 100% authentic designs created by our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island artists.


You won't want to throw this cup away.


But wait, there's more. We've added a second courier option at checkout; Sendle: Australia's first carbon neutral delivery service. Sendle provides an even cheaper courier service for you too, how good is that?!


Sendle's partnership with the South Pole Group offsets the emissions created by each parcel picked up and dropped off. Through the South Pole Group, Sendle's community of business owners choose which projects to back as a carbon emission offset. Myamyn Conservation Australia project and Breathing Space are the projects currently being supported.  


Opt for Sendle to deliver your Life Apparel at checkout to reduce your (& our) carbon footprint. Better for you. Better for the environment. 



the Life Apparel Team


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