GET TO KNOW: Shara Delaney

GET TO KNOW: Shara Delaney
Say hey to one of our new amazing collaborative artists, Shara Delaney from Quandamooka country. Shara's beautiful works typically share the bright blue and green colours, to represent her people's connection to the saltwater.
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Tell us about yourself! 

I'm a Noonuccal, Ngugi, Goenpul woman from Quandamooka country (Moreton Bay). Descendant of Granny Mibu, Neli Nidgeri, born at Pulan (Amity) strong Noonuccal/Goenpul Women. They are also known as Yoolooburrabee, the people of the sand and sea. My artwork is influenced by the colours and texture of the country. It's my cultural practice to continue making art for future generations.  

How did you get into art?

I've always loved art since the beginning of school. It was one of my strengths that people associated me with. As a family, I was surrounded by creative people with their arts and craft. One person in particular was my Dad's sister who's named Nuuna (Emily Delaney). She was really talented and consistent with her artworks and she is one of my biggest influences. Unfortunately she passed away in 2012, which is when I began my journey as an artist. There's so much I wish I could ask her, so I try on a spiritual level, and ask her to guide me when I'm thinking of ideas as I paint. Before her passing, she knew about the book my mother was releasing and was working on. Her dugong painting of our family was a gift to my mother and became the cover of Quandamooka Dreaming by Shara Delaney. When it was finally launched, so did my career as an artist. I did illustrations for this book when I really got to read the stories my mother put together about my country where I am from. My mother contributed to illustration as well as My Aunty Belinda Close who already is a well known artist. I reconnected with the local Art Gallery Salt Water Murri's Quandamooka Art Gallery that is run by traditional owners community members. From the opportunities that came from the gallery, I quickly developed a profile. I become a mother in 2014, which also gave me more time to focus on myself as an artist.

When I meet people who really appreciate the stories behind my designs and how it touches them, I feel proud. 

What is special to you about your painting?

 I like to use colours from the sea - blues and greens. I like to showcase animals in the region as well. My art isn't your typical earthy tones that is associated with Aboriginal Art. It's quite feminine and contemporary. I'm surrounded my creative people with their arts and crafts. My grannies were weavers, and both of my parents pass down their knowledge and stories which I can use in my art. My nan is still alive at 96, and is full of knowledge. 


Do you believe bringing Indigenous art and culture to the forefront of fashion in Australia is important?

I love to share designs with people through fashion. Companies like Life Apparel Co give me the opportunity to share my culture and Quandamooka through stories. The people I meet who really appreciate the stories behind the designs and how it touches them or relates to them in a special way makes me proud. That's why I do it. 

Do you have a fave garment from you collection?

My favourite item from the range is the Gurragurragan ride on inflatable shark. It's so different, I was surprised when I saw the final product. I think it's great for the summer season!

Follow Shara on Instagram @sharadelaney_artist

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