Meet Adeline ☀️

Meet Adeline ☀️
She’s fun, outgoing, bubbly and warmer than a summer breeze… she's Adeline.
As one of our recent Model Search winners, we had the pleasure of working with this lovely lady (you may recognise her face from our Standing Together collection). And yes, we can confirm that she indeed just as lovely in person. Join us for a quick chat with Adeline - or, Addy for short - as she tells us a little about what brought her into the world of modelling, and her plans for the future. 

Tell us a little about you and your family...

I currently balance my interest in modelling and childcare work whilst studying a bachelor of primary education. My dad is Australian, my mum is Tanzanian and I grew up all around Brisbane being the youngest of 5 siblings. I love to travel although it’s been a bit tricky during these tough times.

How and when did you start modelling?

I first began modelling for my mum’s brand Tuntifady designs from a very young age and from there I did my first few shoots with Australian brands like Moana Bikini and Crop Shop Boutique.

What made you decide to work with Life Apparel?

I was first asked by FLOSSY, my management, to shoot with you guys and accepted as soon as I had a look at your Instagram. I loved what Life Apparel stands for and what they promote as it aligns with my Mum’s brand by bringing diverse cultures to Australian Fashion. 

What did you enjoy the most about your recent shoot with Life Apparel?

I thoroughly enjoyed working with the lovely staff and other talented models who made me feel extremely comfortable showing off my confidence whilst wearing all of the beautiful Indigenous art pieces. 

Where do you hope to see your modelling career in 5 years time?

In 5 years time I hope to be able to continue and progress in my modelling career whilst also incorporating my passion for working with children. 
You can keep up to date with Addy and her modelling adventures on her Instagram. 

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