# Keep Grog Out

# Keep Grog Out
(Image source: ABC News, Steve Vivian)
For five years now Woolworths has been fighting to open a Dan Murphy’s superstore near three dry communities (Bagot, Kulaluk and Minmarama Park) in the Northern Territory. And recently, dozens of Indigenous community groups have again called on the chain to abandon its plan to open megastore in Darwin. 
Local Elders, community leaders and Aboriginal health organisations have all stood in protest of the proposal. Local Elder and spokesperson Helen Fejo-Frith has been particularly vocal and strong in fighting Woolworth’s Group.
Blak Business started a petition to help to get the word out and to provide support for the people of Bagot, Kulaluk and Minmarama Park in their fight.


The video above has been shared around social media, along with the hashtag #KeepGrogOut, showing local residents of Bagot voicing their concerns. Over the years, these locals have seen alcohol-fuelled violence, death and chronic illness impact their families and overall community. They are extremely concerned about the disastrous harm that an alcohol superstore would bring.
As time is quickly running out, your voice is urgently needed. You can find out more and add your name to the petition here

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