Indigenous Talent Comes Together

Indigenous Talent Comes Together

A place for Indigenous talent from around the country to share their work, network and connect? Sounds pretty darn perfect to us! Well, that’s exactly what goes on at the monthly NGAMAI Aboriginal Entrepreneurs meetup.

The most recent was held in Melbourne last weekend. The meetups (held by RMIT) are a great showcase of Indigenous talent from around the country, allowing a space for attendees to connect, celebrate culture, show off their talent one talk about their experiences with the community.

Photo credit: Michael Jalaru Torres

RMIT, the organisers of the events, describe them as being: "A space for Aboriginal entrepreneurs to come together to ngamai moorroop wilin - light the spirit of the fire.”

Several of our collaborating artists have taken part in the events, including Rachael Sarra, Kimberly Engwicht and Lauren Jarrett and Melissa Greenwood (of Miimi & Jiinda).

Here’s what Kimberly had to say about the meetup over the weekend:

Wow wow wow, what a night! Words can't even begin to describe how awesome it was last night to be in a room full of creative brothers and sisters...

"...Singers, dancers, photographers, artists and many more all coming together to support one and another in our entrepreneurial journeys." 

Kim was rocking one of her new designs (All Shades) from her Life Apparel range. It warmed our hearts to see shots like these from last weekend’s event, as these talented minds came together. Love your work, Kim!

You can shop the full range of Kim’s statement tees here. 


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