Helping to Heal Noongar Country

Helping to Heal Noongar Country
“Country is inherent to our identity. It sustains our lives in every aspect - spiritually, physically, emotionally, socially, and culturally. It is more than a place.”
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The 2021 Naidoc theme Heal Country! is extremely relevant to the time in which we are living, as all around Australia, our natural environment is being desecrated at an alarming rate. Our First Nations communities are very often on the frontlines, defending our precious resources and sacred natural sites. Here we take a look at some the underlying messages from this year’s theme to the wider Australian community.
Greening Australia is one of three nominated charities that Life Apparel actively supports with each sale. We wanted to share with you some of the wonderful work that Greening Australia are currently doing alongside Traditional owners, Indigenous rangers and local communities to help restore and preserve our natural environment. 
One such project is the Growing Noongar Seed Collection Capacity project:

"South-west Western Australia is an internationally recognised biodiversity hotspot, containing plants and animals found nowhere else on the planet. However, a legacy of over-clearing in this area has also led to land degradation and fragmented habitat.

To restore these landscapes, our large-scale restoration work needs large amounts of viable, local, native seed. Greening Australia is collaborating with Noongar peoples to heal and manage Country, and align training, cultural connection and sustainable enterprise models with the need for seed".

- Greening Australia

One of the collaborating artists of our 2021 Heal Country! collection, Tyrown Waigana, a Wardandi Noongar and Saibai Islander man living on Noongar country created an artwork entitled Creation Spirits / Replenishment which explores this very topic.

“This work celebrates the natural self-healing and replenishment of the land, and the people that live in harmony with it. 

The artwork is bright and colourful to reflect the natural cycles of a healthy country. The figures and faces throughout the work, paired with floral patterns and connecting lines represent creation spirits coming to replenish country after it's been destroyed.”

- Tyrown Waigana

You can learn more about Greening Australia’s projects here and learn more about Tyrown and his Creation Spirits / Replenishment collection here

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