Naidoc 2021 Theme - Heal Country!

Naidoc 2021 Theme - Heal Country!
The newly announced 2021 Naidoc theme is a timely and powerful one - Heal Country! 
The theme invites all Australians to listen to, respect and learn from the ways of those that walked here for tens of thousands of years before us. It calls for greater protections for our lands, waters, sacred sites and cultural heritage from further exploitation, desecration, and destruction.
When Country is referred to among First Nations peoples, it refers to much more than the land on which we stand:
"When we talk about Country it is spoken of like a person. Country is family, kin, law, lore, ceremony, traditions, and language. For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples it has been this way since the dawn of time."

Coming at a moment in time where discussions surrounding the need for environmental protection and social reform are growing ever louder, this theme outlines the vital, undeniable connection between the two.
We at Life Apparel believe strongly that the path toward real and meaningful positive change in our country begins with listening to, respecting and learning from the ways of those that walked this land before us. There is so much to be gained by working together to heal this land and its people. 
You can read the full description of this year’s Naidoc theme here.
We are so excited to work with a few select Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists to help to bring this theme to life in the coming months. Each artist will bring their own unique story and interpretation of the Heal Country! theme. 
You can register here to receive updates and exclusive introductory prices for this year’s Naidoc collection.

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