Bridge becomes canvas in Brisbane

Bridge becomes canvas in Brisbane

As an artist, getting your work in front of a wide audience is a wonderful feeling, and the bigger the canvas the better. Well, as far as canvases go, it doesn't get much bigger than this! And we are super proud of our collaborating artists that have taken part in this spectacular display.

Kim's artwork 'Deadly Icons' projected on the William Jolly Bridge during May 2020

Brisbane City Council have come up with an awesome way to showcase the work of local Indigenous artists - using the William Jolly Bridge as a canvas! Collaborating artist Kimberly Engwicht’s work will be projected onto the William Jolly bridge at intervals throughout the month of May. She follows on from another one of our talented collaborating artists - Rachael Sarra, whose work was projected on the bridge last year.

Kim’s featured artwork in the nighttime display is called ‘Deadly Icons’, which features some of the positive iconography associated with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. Kim’s style is bold and bright (much like her personality) and she uses her art and design work as channel to promote a message of positive change.

Rachael's work projected on the William Jolly Bridge in 2019

One of the things that we love about Kim is her desire to contribute to the world. She uses art as a means to connect with people, to help them relate and to feel empowered. Her use of icons and popular culture references allows audiences of all ages to connect with her story, both visually and emotionally.

If you’re in the area, you can catch Kim’s work on the William Jolly Bridge on the 8th, 9th and 10th of May between 5:30 and 10pm. 

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