First Nations artist Ailsa Walsh presents:

Framed Fine Art Print, Two Worlds

A limited edition, high-quality reproduction art print crafted with museum-grade materials. Locally printed with pin-point precision on premium satin canvas, presented in a custom-built float frame made with sustainably sourced, solid Tasmanian Oak. Comes with Certificates of Authenticity. Learn more →
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Colour: Natural Tasmanian Oak frame
Size: 210x300mm
Sale price$299.95

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Our fine art prints are all made to order. It'll take about 4 weeks to get everything ready, and then you can expect delivery within 3-8 business days locally.


of the profit is directed to the artist when you purchase this fine art print.



  • Museum-quality HP Premium Satin canvas guaranteed to last over 200 years when displayed indoors
  • Weight: 381 gsm / Caliper: 463 micron
  • Locally printed in South Brisbane with environmentally friendly, high-quality HP Latex inks
  • Professionally stretched with 38mm finger-jointed pine stretcher bars and braced for extra strength on larger sizes


  • Hand-crafted float frame with stapled cord fixtures with a 5 mm shadow line
  • 10mm wide on the face and 55mm deep with a 5mm shadow line between the canvas and the frame
  • Locally sourced, acid free, FSC® Certified, sustainable solid Tasmanian Oak
  • Available in natural raw, smooth black and smooth white finishes

Quality Promise

Drawing upon more than three decades of industry experience, the reproduction team expertly produces high-quality fine art prints.

In their local workshop, each frame is custom-built demonstrating an unwavering commitment to meticulous craftsmanship.

The team is dedicated to using eco-friendly, acid-free materials and solid wooden frames sourced locally, proudly upholding their dedication to Australian artistry.


It'll take about 4 weeks to get everything ready, and then you can expect delivery within 3-8 business days. We'll send your items from South Brisbane, and you'll need to sign for them upon delivery.

Because our prints and frames are custom-made just for you, we can't accept change of mind returns. So, take your time and be sure before you order.

If, by any chance, your items arrive damaged during the journey, please tell us straight away. We'll sort out the replacement for you.

The Story

Each element reminds us that our culture and DNA are products of the land and sea that surrounds us.

Two Worlds

Created by First Nations artist and storyteller Ailsa Walsh, a Lardil, Kullili and Yuggera woman, currently residing on Yuggera Country.

“The inspiration for this piece was the connection between land and sea. More often than not, we see the land and sea as separate beings, but they’re a lot closer than what meets the eye. As humans, there’s plenty we can learn from their profound reliance on one another.

In the top left corner, fresh water and star constellations surround the sun. Coming out of the centre of the sun is the womb representing the link between land and sea. The lines inside the womb represent signs of life and communication. In the bottom left corner is the ups and downs of nature. From natural disasters to human interruptions, the spirit of nature ebbs and flows, but it always finds a way to bounce back. Then when you move your eye to the centre of the painting, you’ll find earth.

The earth houses layers that represent the depth of the ocean and rivers. Left of these layers is the DNA of our animals, which sits slightly above coral stretching towards the light. The thick white line represents the purity and coexistence between land and sea. On the right side, you’ll find six cells that represent the building blocks of life. The yellow dots that surround each cell represents our culture. In the far right corner, you’ll find a small star constellation that’s reflecting off the ocean at night. Each element reminds us that our culture and DNA are products of the land and sea that surrounds us.

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