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Originally Designed by American artist, designer, and activist Gilbert Baker. Learn more →


Instantly bring life to your backpack or jacket with our unique pin-back button badges, available in multiple designs for endless mix-and-match possibilities.


  • rotatable construction
  • sturdy steel base
  • safety pin on the back
  • curved edges
  • weather resistant laminate
  • diameter: 57 mm
  • digitally printed crisp design

Fabric & Care

Avoid rough surfaces. Keep away from fire sources. Do not submerge in water. Wipe with a damp towel.

Weight Thickness percentage


Durability Scale percentage

Sustainability 🍃

Environmentally Responsible
Steel stands as the most recyclable material globally, capable of being recycled repeatedly without compromising its quality. This process allows for its reuse and repurposing, actively contributing to the circular economy.

Sustainable Production
Life Apparel's vetted local and international production partners produce limited quantities of each model, ensuring exclusivity and preventing overproduction.

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No plastic! Our products come in kerbside-recyclable or home compostable mailers, with deliveries through Australia Post supporting carbon-offset projects that reduce emissions.

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The Artwork

The current six colour pride flag has represented the community for over 40 years.

The Pride Flag

Created by Gilbert Baker, American artist, designer, and activist.

The original Pride Flag was created in 1978 after activist Harvey Milk asked artist Gilbert Baker to design a symbol of gay pride. Each colour represents a different part of the LGBTQ+ community: hot pink represents sex, red symbolises life, orange stands for healing, yellow equals sunlight, green stands for nature, turquoise symbolises magic and art, indigo represents serenity, while violet symbolises the spirit of LGBTQ+ people.

After the assassination of Harvey Milk, the rainbow flag was in high demand. Due to manufacturing issues, the hot pink stripe was removed. The turquoise stripe was removed from the flag as a design choice from Baker.

The current six colour pride flag has represented the community for over 40 years and is still one of the most common LGBTQ+ flags.


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Life Apparel is a proud, long-time member of the Indigenous Art Code, a system to preserve and promote ethical behaviour in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island art.

Today, and every day – we exist as a messenger and vessel for First Nations Artists. Built on diversity and inclusion, collectively we strive to amplify Indigenous voices, accelerate social change and start important conversations through fashion. As an Australian-owned boutiqe label and proud allies, Life Apparel nurtures supportive, empowering and inclusive environments for everyone.

Cultivating an environment where all voices matter, and where our differences are celebrated and part of who we are.

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