Gabar Ngurambang

Created by First Nations artist and storyteller Maria Watson-Trudgett, a Wiradjuri woman.

"Over the generations, my Elders have played an important role in my life. Their lived experiences and their teachings have...shaped the person I am today. I draw strength from their struggles, hardships, and the racism they endured, and I continue to draw strength from their determination to survive. I am empowered by their teachings, activism, knowledge, and wisdom, all of which have paved the way for generations to come.

Now that I am an Elder, their determination and resilience have propelled me on my journey of sharing cultural knowledge and my passion for positively influencing people’s attitudes and awareness of First Nations peoples and diverse cultures. Our Elders are trailblazers, leaders, nurturers, and survivors. My Elders, My Culture, My Community."

Maria shares her cultural knowledge via; art, and the story behind the artwork, and in a professional capacity as a ‘Cultural Consultant and First Nations Strategic Advisor’.

Her paintings are inspired by her connections to Wiradjuri Country.

Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Date: 2023
Copyright © Maria Watson-Trudgett
Exclusively licensed by Life Apparel Co