Bila Ngurambang

Created by First Nations artist and storyteller Maria Watson-Trudgett, a Wiradjuri woman.

Bila and Ngurambang, are words from Wiradjuri language, meaning river and country. Wiradjuri people, also known as river people, were skilled hunter–fisher–gatherers, who lived and... moved along the rivers and surrounding landscape, sourcing food for survival and Caring for Country. For tens of thousands of years, First Nations people have managed their land and its inhabitants to ensure environmental harmony and sustainability. Keeping balance in the environment is central to our people’s way of thinking, being, and connection to spiritual and cultural identity.

The impacts of climate change are exacerbating our ability to protect and maintain significant biodiversity across Australia and the globe. Biodiversity is everyone’s responsibility. It is crucial to broaden our awareness, compassion, and respect to embrace all living creatures and the natural environment. Biodiversity will not be maintained through inaction - Stand with First Nations people to Care for Country.

Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Date: 2022
Copyright © Maria Watson-Trudgett
Exclusively licensed by Life Apparel Co