Ten Ways to Wear a Scarf

Ten Ways to Wear a Scarf

The humble scarf is so much more than meets the eye. Debatably the most versatile of all accessories, its potential to create new looks is virtually endless. Are you stuck for ideas on how to wear yours? Join us as we walk you though ten of our favourite scarf looks.

1 and 2. The Working Girl - short or long variations

An ultra-classy look that will carry you from the office to a night on the town. This look can also be worn shorter or longer, depending on your outfit. The best part is - its super simple! Simply fold the scarf lengthways every 8-10 centimetres (or a little less than the length of your neck). Then, loosely tie the folded scarf around your neck, same as you would a bow. To finish, you can pull the tail all the way though (for longer look) or one half way through (for shorter look). Some creative fluffing to finish, and viola! You’re all ready for that big interview.


3. The Cape

This one is the perfect look to show off the feature artwork on your scarf, allowing it to take centre stage! To create this look, simply hold your scarf out flat and fold it diagonally to create a triangle shape, making sure to keep the pattern facing out. From there, toss the folded scarf over your shoulders (behind you, triangle pointing down) and tie a loose knot using the corners on either side of the long edge of the triangle. You can keep the knot in front of you, or slide over to one side for an edgier, asymmetrical look. And there you have it! Go forth and conquer.


4. The Headband

This look is a timeless classic that is as practical as it is endearing. To achieve it, fold your scarf in narrow sections, at least 5 centimetres wide, or wider, depending on the desired look. Then, tie or hold your hair up (being careful to move any loose strands out of the way) and tie a simple knot at the base of your skull. Depending on the length of your scarf, you can allow the tail to hang free under your hair, or you can even combine it into your ponytail or a messy bun. It works on so many levels!


 5. The Shoulder-Warmer

Light scarves are the perfect accessory to ward off an evening breeze at the turn of the season or when the weather is hard to predict. They are so much lighter than a cardigan or a jacket, and if you get too warm, you can simply tie it onto your bag or into your hair - easy peasy! This look is also by far the easiest to achieve - just throw it on and go!


6. The Ninja Warrior

This standout look is sure to have you turning heads in the best possible way! Simply fold the scarf lengthways in sections as least 10 centimetres wide, pattern facing out, and tie a knot at the side of your head. Slide the knot and tail into the angle of your choice, then head to the door, pick up your keys and start struttin’!


7. The Tribal Beauty

Channel your inner goddess with this striking look, great for longer scarves. To achieve this look, follow the steps as per The Headband look, but instead of tying a knot under the skull, simply bring the tails to the top of the head and tie them together. For an extra dramatic look, try layering two scarves one above the other. All hail the queen of the headscarf!

8. The Messy Bow

Super cute, crazy easy. Simply fold your scarf lengthways, in sections at least 5 centimetres wide, creating a belt. Place the middle of the belt at the base of your skull, then tie a bow with the two free ends on the crown of your head. Pull one tail out but leave the other tucked, and fluff until the perfect look is achieved. This look is really cute worn slightly off centre. All done!


9. The French Braid

This look requires some braiding skills, but is otherwise really quite doable! Simply prep for a French braid as per usual by separating the hair on the crown of the head into three parts - left, middle and right. Then, pin your scarf (pre-folded into a thin belt) under the left section of hair using two bobby pins. Gather the scarf together with your section of hair in your left hand, and then finish the braid as per normal! The finished look is unique, classy and gives your braid a healthy dose of extra volume. Win, win, win.


10. The Classic Wrap-around

Not to be underestimated, the classic neck wrap is still one of the easiest and quickest ways to style your scarf. And sometimes you just can’t beat quick and easy! Simply loop around your neck  one or two times, and go!

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Kathleen Bartholomay

Kathleen Bartholomay

Beautiful. Could you possibly show us all how to make the thick braided headband look? REALLY nice!!

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