Artist Becomes Subject for Portrait Prize

Artist Becomes Subject for Portrait Prize

The team at Life Apparel is lucky enough to work with some extremely talented collaborating artists, but we are also a rather creative bunch ourselves! Life Apparel’s own Natasha Zraikat recently approached Brisbane-based collaborating Indigenous artist Rachael Sarra about becoming her subject for the Brisbane Portrait Prize. 

“I had been racking my brain for months trying to come up with the perfect subject for the prize, but nothing felt like a fit, and then it dawned on me," says Natasha.

"Aside from being an inspirational, articulate and talented young Aboriginal woman, Rachael's contribution to Brisbane is clear - her artwork has become a part of the city's urban landscape - including buses, laneways, the Story Bridge and her recent mural at QPAC.

I see Rachael's work constantly through my work here at Life Apparel, and I am continuously impressed with her ability to make a strong statement with her art and within her community. She is passionate about bringing the stories and culture of her ancestors into the limelight in a way that is uplifting, engaging and inviting.

The authenticity of Rachael’s artistic voice is what sets her aside for me. She really puts her full self into everything that she does - taking her role in her community both very seriously and with a down-to-earth sense of humour."

I am continuously impressed with Rachael's ability to make a strong statement through her art and within her community. 

This portrait brought Natasha a little away from her usual style and colour palette, as she wanted this work to have a fresh and unique feel reminiscent of Rachael's work.

"The painting was a tribute to Rachael not only as an artist, but as a proud Goreng Goreng woman who is already making some pretty huge waves in her community, especially considering that she is still at such an early stage in her career. I used bright, warm colours inspired by Rachel’s own colour palette, and painted the work on wood rather than canvas to represent her cultural and historical connection to the land."

You can see more of Natasha's work here, and Rachael's work here, and see Rachael's full Life Apparel collection here.



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Tosca Z

Tosca Z

My admiration to both the artist and her inspiration, Rachael Sarra.

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