Meet the artist - Kimberly Engwicht

Meet the artist - Kimberly Engwicht

We are excited to introduce to your our newest collaborating artist, the super-lovely and talented Kimberly Engwicht. Much like the lady herself, Kim’s style is fresh, bright and bold, and we are thrilled to welcome her on board. We recently chatted with Kim to find out a little more about the woman behind the designs and what makes her tick...

Which indigenous language groups are you connected to?

I am connected to the Bundjalung people from northern NSW. I am also a South Sea Islander woman, a descendant from Tanna Island, Vanuatu. 

How long ago did you start creating art?

I’ve been creating art since I was little. I have always been a doodler - scribbling on napkins, notepads, school books and alike. It’s only really been since my first child was born in 2015, where I needed a creative outlet whilst being a stay at home mum. I believe my style has really evolved only in the last year and I’ve loved seeing where my art and lettering has/and will continue to take me. 

What do you like about art as a method of storytelling? 

I love that you can tell any story through art. You don’t really need long lengthy explanations, just shapes, lines and colour on a canvas can do wonders. Like that famous saying goes - a picture is worth a thousand words. 

I love that you can tell any story through art. You don’t really need long lengthy explanations, just shapes, lines and colour on a canvas can do wonders.

Where do you find your inspiration?

I draw inspiration from everyday things, nature, cafes, my husband and my children. I am also constantly inspired by the amazing Girl Bosses in my life who continue to inspire me on the daily. 

Why did you decide to collaborate with Life Apparel? 

Well why not? (smiles) I have loved Life Apparel for quite a while now and what it stands for within the community. They are always showcasing the ‘little guys’...and giving them their moment to shine. 

Who do you hope to see wearing your designs?

Oh gosh...can I say everyone? My dream is to be walking around Brisbane city and seeing someone wearing my designs. In all honesty, I’d love to see Sam Harris, Brooke Blurton, Miranda Tapsell and Johnathan Thurston stylin’ up in my designs. I think I’d fall off the face of the earth if I’d seen one of these awesome people rocking our tees. 

Any final thoughts to leave us with? 

I’m super excited for the release of these designs with Life Apparel. Thank you so much for literally making my dream come true. 

I just want to leave whoever is reading this, with this message - You Are Loved and You Are Enough. Don’t ever let anyone dim your shine and tell you you’re not good enough. Oh...and stay deadly.


You can view Kim’s artist profile and collection here, or you can give her a follow on Instagram here.

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Sharalee Elijah

Sharalee Elijah

Love it Kimmy! Your beautiful in every way and you make me so proud. Too deadly! Love you 💜

JUdi pArkinson

JUdi pArkinson

So happy to hear your story – now your sassy art can be enjoyed and appreciated by many. Love your style – you go girl!!!!

Gavin Power

Gavin Power

Too proud Kim !!!
You’re an inspiration and Deadly Lady!
Gav xx

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