Danial Kelly is the man behind the epic "His Uncle" design in our NAIDOC 2019 collection.

We chat to Danial about what he gets up to, his proudest moments in life & his passion for creating art.

Introduce yourself!

I'm a family man, from NSW. I'm passionate about art, hip hop and powerlifting. I work as a flooring installer.

 What does your artwork, "His Uncle" mean to you?

It's a connection between me and my family and culture, the pride I have for my fam.

"His Uncle" by Danial Kelly

What has been your proudest memory to date?

I'm living my proudest moment right now, I'm a father and husband. These are my proudest moments.

What do you love about creating art?

I love being free and paying tribute to those before me, whether through culture, or hip hop. These are the places where the inspiration comes for most of my art. 

How do you feel thinking about people wearing your art out and about?

Hard to say, but pretty sure I'll flip out if I'm out and about and see some fella walking around in my artwork!

What are your goals?

As far as aspirations, I just want to contribute (however that may be). I don't have an end goal - it's all fun for me. I'm not trying to "make it", and am just enjoying the ride and journey with those around me.

 You can follow Danial Kelly on Instagram here.  

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