We chat to performance triple threat, Mitch Tambo

We chat to performance triple threat, Mitch Tambo
Mitch Tambo is a performer, presenter and actor - a triple threat which has unsurprisingly landed him in diverse roles and positions. Known as a Didgeridoo player, traditional Indigenous dancer and singer, Mitch has made his way from country Australia to the world stage. Mitch has just released his debut album Guurrama-li which has featured on vaiour stations across Australia, including Triple J Unearthed. The album features traditional sounds and language blended with modern contemporary beats and rhythms that are sure to get you moving. 
Mitch Tambo is often spotted sporting his Life Apparel out & about, and we got in touch to share more of his story. 


 What is your Indigenous Australian heritage?

I'm a proud Gamilaraay - Birri Gubba man.

What inspires your work?

Being in a position to tell my story through the two worlds I walk in - being an ancient realm and today's world.

I'm inspired to empower young people to be proud of who they are and where they come from.


What achievement are you most proud of to date & why?

 Although I've been blessed to have travelled to many parts of the world sharing culture and my music, my biggest achievement so far would be co-founding my business True Culture that has been established as a cultural educational business with a strong emphasis to empower young people. 

We as True Culture have a community outreach where we recently ran a cultural exchange between our Aboriginal and West Papuan Youth. The project involved a week long holiday program where we shared and celebrated one another's culture. As a part of this process, we wrote and produced a song and music video celebrating our cultures and giving the youth involved a strong sense of purpose, belonging and identity.


Anything exciting coming up for you this year?

New music, TV opportunities, another Youth Cultural Exchange through True Culture, and the endless opportunities that present each day.  

If you could snap your fingers and be anywhere, where and when would you go to?

 I'd love to be back pre colonisation to see how truly innovative, forward thinking and purposeful our people were, and to just experience life as it was then. I truly believe that knowing how it was back then would totally change how we walk in todays world. However, living in todays world is one of the greatest privileges and I'm grateful for the abundance of opportunities I have had. 

You can follow Mitch on Instagram here. 

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