This is a rare opportunity to acquire a beautiful work of art while supporting a great cause and the wider community. The artists behind the Naidoc 2019 range have generously donated their artwork for this online charity event, auctioning off the paintings / prints created for their apparel collection in support of a non-profit organisation.


100% of proceeds raised from each piece will go the charity of the artist's choice, providing much-needed support to a cause close to their heart.


Emma Hollingsworth (Kaanju/Kuku Ya’u/Girrimay)

900 x 600 mm  |  Original Artwork - Acrylic on canvas

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Emma's chosen charity: 

The Indigenous Literacy Foundation aims to raise literacy levels and improve the lives and opportunities of Indigenous Australians living in remote regions.


The auction has ended!
The winner is Jonathan N (SA)

LORE (2019)

Ailsa Walsh (Lardil/Kullili/Yuggera)

1200 x 800 mm  |  Digital reproduction on stretched canvas

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Ailsa's chosen charity: 

​​Wombat Awareness Organisation is specialising in the rescue, rehabilitation and advocation of the Indigenous Southern Hairy-nosed Wombat.


The auction has ended!
The winner is Lynette C (NSW)


Rachael Sarra (Goreng Goreng)

1200 x 800 mm  |  Digital reproduction on stretched canvas

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Rachael's chosen charity: 

Sisters Inside is an independent community organisation, which advocates for the collective human rights of women and girls in prison, and their families.


The auction has ended!
The winner is Rebecca S (QLD)

HIS UNCLE (2019)

Danial Kelly (Dharawal/Wadi Wadi)

594 x 841 mm  |  Original Framed Artwork - Mixed Media on Paper

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Danial's chosen charity: 

Yalari's mission is to educate and empower Indigenous children from regional, rural and remote communities to bring about generational change.


The auction has ended!
The winner is Gabriel M (NSW)


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The artwork was inspired by the Naidoc 2019 - Voice, Treaty, Truth. It represents the communities along the coast, and the mob within those communities.

All of the communities are connected by lines, or “tracks” which are either walking tracks or tracks made by boats, as people go from island to mainland. Coastal clans thrive as the tropical climate provides an abundance of fresh water, and the sea provides plenty of fish or ‘minya’ making for a healthy diet. Indigenous people have always fished sustainably and taken care of the land properly.

If we come together we can learn how to take care of the waterways, sea and the land using traditional methods and save our environment.


This artwork showcases three suns representing past, present and future. 

The same Sun that looked after our ancestors, the same one that will look after our future generations. Aboriginal lore was passed on through the generations through songs, stories and dance and it governed all aspects of traditional life. It is important that the messages of our Elders are handed down, our voice is the most powerful tool we have.

If you listen close enough you will hear our ancestors speak of wisdom, through the rock pools, tree lines and the cracks in the Earth. This painting is dedicated to all Elders who use their voices, out of a dark place they are the beacon of light for us young ones.



Voice. Treaty. Truth.

Let’s work together for a shared future.

To move forward and build a united Australia we must first recognise the important role and place that our First Nation Elders play at the centre of all cultural conversations.

It is through this respectful understanding that we, as First Nations People are able to navigate the complexities of walking in two worlds and in turn, use our voices to engage with the wider Australian community.

Through this open and respectful way of communication we will start to build momentum for change towards an equal and just future.


This artwork tells a story of boy to man: "My drawings are the introduction to culture, my new world.

The finding of who and what my family is. The communication and the discovery of a new world. The steps taken to begin my journey of understanding, the hardship fought through a new life, the growth of culture within ones self. The loss, the suffering, the worry, the concern, the shame, the clarity, The defining breakout moment.

Becoming one."