First Nations artist, a Kalkadoon woman residing in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

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About Bree

"Growing up I have always struggled with ‘walking in two worlds’, I never really felt like I belonged and wrestled to find my identity.

My art is inspired by strong Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders, which I mix with ‘western’ art styles to create unique pieces that look at themes of identity, lateral violence, connection, mental health and family. 


Breanna has teamed up with Life Apparel Co in 2020 to create this special edition artwork.

She is currently represented with one design in our retail collection.

Connecting To Country

Digital illustration

To Breanna, the theme on Naidoc 2020 (Always Was Always Will Be) means connecting back to Country and connecting with her mob:

"Something that I struggle with is "walking in two worlds", I feel like I am always dragged in different directions by my professional career and by my culture. At times this can be overwhelming, but I always feel grounded and connected when I put my feet in the dirt and breathe in the fresh air."