Tough times mean big discounts for students

Tough times mean big discounts for students

These are some crazy times that we are living in, and say what you will about pandemics, they are not easy on the wallet. If you’re a student, you’re probably used to living on a tight budget, but now there’s a good chance that things have gotten even tighter...

We hear you, and so we've teamed up with StudentBeans to offer all students over 16 years of age 20% off everything in store, no exceptions!

How it works

It’s super simple. Students can either register with a school email address or get verified by uploading their student ID card. Once you register, all you need to do is log in whenever you want to make a purchase, and you will get a unique discount code to use each time you buy. It’s that easy!

Let’s do this!

Keen to sign up and save? Click here to unlock your discount. Happy shopping!

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