Setting midriffs free since 1946

Setting midriffs free since 1946

The bikini has been a girl’s best friend at the pool or the beach during those warm summer months for what seems like a lifetime. Well, as it turns out, that is in fact pretty accurate - it’s been 73 years since the classic one piece was split in two, and the world and tan lines have never been the same since.

Bikinis and atom bombs?

The bikini was invented by Parisian car engineer Louis Réard on July 5, 1946, just five days after the second world war ended. Have you ever wondered where the name came from? Well, the style was named after Bikini Atoll - a coral reef in the Marshall Islands where the United States was testing hydrogen bombs at the time. But how are the two related?


It seems that Réard anticipated that his risqué new creation would send similar shock waves throughout the world, drawing a comparison to the new style being something like ‘splitting the atom’. Well, we don't quite know about that, but in fashion terms at least, he just may have been right.

Perhaps it’s the flattering fit, perhaps it’s the fact that tummies and torsos everywhere since have been getting some much-needed vitamin D, whatever it is, we are huge fans of this two-piece wonder. 

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