Perry Mooney in the Dabil (water) Country Swimsuit

We searched Australia's talent far and wide for our next model... And boy, did we hit the jackpot with Perry Mooney! 

Perry Mooney in the My Family Swimsuit


Tell us a bit about yourself!

My name is Perry Tracey-Mooney. I'm 22 years old and have mild scoliosis with a passion for cute high heels. I'm an Indigenous model/actor from Queensland. I'm of Aboriginal, South Sea Islander descent hailing from Mackay, Queensland and Irish lineage from Ireland (duh).

How did you get into modelling, and what made you want to do it?

Kinda just happened on accident. I auditioned for a community show in Brisbane and found myself really enjoying the whole process of it. The rehearsals, the posing and the confidence I gained from doing something out of my comfort zone. After that I started to get work with graduate designers and local photographers.

What makes me want to continue on with it is how it makes me feel, the sense of achievement after finishing a show/shoot. What's also really motivating for me is when I take the time to appreciate how far I've come from when I started. It's knowing that I have the potential to continuously out-do myself. 

When were you first introduced to the world's version of beauty?

My boyfriend and I were talking about this a little while ago actually! I said to him that beauty is changing, and that the world is embracing representation of individuality. It was the words "beauty is changing" that made him respond. He said, "beauty isn't changing, it's just that different variations of beauty are starting to be accepted." So much truth sits in that statement.

I grew up around the societal version of beauty. As a little kid of colour, you're taught that certain things aren't meant for you whether it's international or not. Did it bother me that my people/features like my hair weren't considered beautiful? Yep. Am I okay in my own skin now? Girl, obviously. I know that strict societal standards of beauty still exist but everyone can and will be beautiful even if they don't fit the cookie-cutter mould. 


Beauty isn't changing, just different variations of beauty are starting to be accepted. 

Do you find your background shapes the way you dress at all?

I don't think my heritage shapes the way I dress - it's a part of me, not necessarily the clothes I wear every day. I believe it is important to represent your culture, however we aren't allowed to wear shirts with flags on them to work.

 What is the end goal/dream?

I don't have an end goal. I have goals that I have achieved and goals that I wish to achieve. These are ever-changing. As for my dream, I wanna keep that a secret.


You can find Perry on Instagram at @theperrymooney.

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