National Aboriginal and TSI Children’s Day

National Aboriginal and TSI Children’s Day

The 4th of August is National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children’s Day. Children’s Day is a day where all Australians can celebrate how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children contribute to our society - a day to promote a positive message and to highlight the importance of children’s culture.

This year’s theme ‘We Play, We Learn, We Belong’ is aimed at smaller children, and reinforcing the importance of feeling connected and to the land, to the community and to their ancestors before them.

Children’s Day has been celebrated on the 4th of August for more than 30 years. It’s a time for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to celebrate children, and also a great opportunity for non-indigenous Australians to gain a greater understanding of First Nations’ culture.

We commonly hear from customers that work with children who have purchased our gear to wear to work. They do so to create a greater sense of pride and appreciation for culture, which in turn boosts confidence and morale for First Nations children that attend the school and generates positive conversation among children and adults of all backgrounds. This is one great example of how small gestures can have a much larger impact.

What types of conversations would you like to have with your children, or children that you know this weekend? Are you holding an event for Children’s day this year, or would you like to attend one? You can see a full list of events, or register your event here.

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