Naidoc Week 2020

Naidoc Week 2020
Naidoc week is here and we have been loving seeing so many of you across Australia spreading colour and culture in your Life Apparel gear!
This week, and all throughout the year, we have seen Australia’s First Nations communities celebrating their culture and heritage. And alongside these people, we have seen Australians of countless other cultural backgrounds celebrating together with them. We love that our clothing helps to bring colour and joy into people’s lives, but more importantly, we love that our clothing inspires a greater appreciation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture.
As we all well know, 2020 has been a year like no other and this has affected this year’s Naidoc celebrations as well. But that hasn’t stopped the country from celebrating. From face to face gatherings to stories and threads on social media, we have seen people connecting with culture in any way they can. This coming together in appreciation and respect for Australia’s rich and ancient First Nations culture and history is the very reason why we do what we do.
Although we see so many wonderful stories all throughout the year, there is a certain vibe around Naidoc Week where even more photos come flooding in that warm our hearts and remind us why we are here.
May we all continue to spread Australia’s Indigenous culture and history. May this appreciation for art and colour spark more and more conversations that lead to positive change. May we continue to provide a platform for First Nations people to share their stories. May these stories inspire us to learn more, seek more knowledge, listen more. May this knowledge bring us closer together. May we together create more reasons to celebrate with each passing year.
Happy Naidoc Week everyone!

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Tosca Zraikat

Tosca Zraikat

I love this post, so positive, warm and caring, and celebrating the goodwill that will bring us all together to transform this country into one that is truly of many cultures, just, kind, compassionate, and full of opportunities for everyone.

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