Lara Went, the artist behind Yukul Art, creates from her heart. We were honoured to collaborate with Lara in our Summer 18/19 collections, releasing her "Spirit Feathers" and "Under The Garuwa" designs. We chatted to Lara about her journey as an artist, the importance of preserving Indigenous art through fashion and her fave garment from her collection. 



Lara Went in her studio.



Tell us a bit about yourself!


I am a Worimi woman residing in the beautiful coastal town of Forster, NSW. I live here with my husband and two little kids - Lola (4) and Jarley (2). 


My business has been running for about 2 1/2 years now, and I have worked super hard to build it up. My art has evolved into it's own unique style now, as a mixture of traditional and contemporary Aboriginal art. I am inspired by the ocean and the land as well as the people surrounding my life. This year has been a huge year and I am feeling so blessed to be doing what I love for a living!



How did you get into art?

On both sides of my family, I have very creative relatives. My nan loved folk art and my uncles are super talented Aboriginal artists, so I guess it runs in my blood! I've always been creative since I was a little girl and I guess as I got older, the passion just grew inside of me.




What is special to you about your Indigenous style painting?

I love that my art tells stories. I love that I have the freedom to mix my two styles together to create unique works for people to have in their homes. My nan and pop on my dads side were very creative and my uncles on my mums side are amazing at Indigenous painting and carving.



I am so blessed to be doing what I love for a living!



Do you believe bringing Indigenous art and culture to the forefront is important?


It is absolutely so so important! I think it's important for the public to know that Indigenous clothing can be worn by everyone - not just Indigenous people. What a beautiful thing to be able to wear a piece of art hand-painted, designed and made in Australia with stories attached. I love seeing my designs being worn and appreciated!



Which is your fave garment from your collection right now?


My fave piece by far is the Spirit Feathers Kaftan! I just received it in the mail and it is definitely going to be my go to piece for summer! Thanks so much to Life Apparel for asking me to be a part of this collection. x 



You can follow Lara on Insta here.




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