Life Gelateria

Life Gelateria


In celebration of #NAIDOC this year, we’ve decided to serve you up something special.
Staying true to our roots, we’ve created an indulgent menu of bush tucker inspired ice-cream. Initially hitting Brisbane today, we are rolling (or, erm - scooping?) Life Gelateria out into all major cities of Australia.
Our partners in cream? Expect to experience scoops of sweet Mallee honey, Kakadu plum, Strawberry Gum & Macadamia - just to name a few.
To sweeten the deal that little bit more, each NAIDOC 2019 customer is entitled to one free scoop at their closest Gelateria.
Keen to treat it? Check out the map below of where we will be popping up!

Oh wait. This entire thing is a joke.

April fools!

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Greg Arnold

Greg Arnold

Cheeky as…bahaha 😄😂🤣👣

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