Indigenous Art Code

Indigenous Art Code

Here at Life Apparel Co, we are honoured to be operating under The Indigenous Art Code.  

On all of our garments, you may notice the logo for the Indigenous Art Code; certifying our authenticity. Here's more about that:


The code exists to establish a high standard of dealing & cooperation between dealers and artists. This ensures that the trade of our products, featuring an artists work is traded in the fairest and most ethical manner. 

The Indigenous Art Code ensures that our processes are transparent, particularly when promoting and selling garments featuring artworks by our collaborating artists. 

As we operate under this Code, we are required to provide reports & updates on all artworks, sales of garments featuring the artworks & any promotional activities to the Indigenous Art Code. The Indigenous Art Code provides us with certain time-frames we need to meet for payment to our collaborating artists, as well as guidance on how best to respect the artist's Indigenous cultural practices. 

If you have any questions about how we operate with the Indigenous Art Code, drop a comment below, or get in touch via email:

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