A day we can all celebrate...

A day we can all celebrate...
What’s in a date?
Each year, in the lead up to Australia Day, ongoing conversations intensify around the date on which it is celebrated. For many, January 26th is a continual reminder of the great suffering and loss that began on this day in history - this date marking the arrival of the First British Fleet onto Australian soil. Needless to say, January 26th is a difficult day for many people, particularly for Australia’s First Nations people.

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Leading by example

Two years ago, Triple j acknowledged the pain for many Australians associated with the date on which it is celebrated. And so, after surveying their listeners in 2018, they moved the much-loved Hottest 100 countdown to January 27th in response to the majority of listeners voting in favour of the date change. To us, this is a perfect example of positive change in action, which we sincerely hope to see more of. It doesn’t undo the pain of the past, but it does allow for Indigenous Australians and non-Indigenous to celebrate together, as one.

Changing the date is not the outcome nor is it a magical cure to generational trauma, but it is the key in changing mindsets. It’s key because changing the date of Australia is an invitation, it’s an invitation for us mob to feel at home in our own country. It is NOT a deportation letter for those who don’t identify.”

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A day we can all celebrate
We at Life Apparel fully acknowledge the pain and trauma associated with January 26th. We also feel that acknowledgment is the first step toward real, positive change. After all, Australia Day should be a time for all Australians to come together, including Indigenous and non-Indigenous, both Australian-born and those who have migrated here. Changing the date would allow for a celebration that we could all get behind - a day where we could begin to look forward rather than behind us, toward a truly united future Australia.

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