Six Easy Steps to a Healthier Planet

Six Easy Steps to a Healthier Planet

It's World Environment Day, so to celebrate, we’ve put together a list of six easy ways that you can help to create immediate change and help do the right thing by our planet. Every little choice we make has a huge impact. How does that saying go - It's only one straw, said 7 billion people? Ya feel? Now is the perfect time to get up and create positive change, so let's get started.

1. Pass on plastic.

This one may seem overwhelming, but there are literally dozens of ways to side-step the dreaded plastic in your everyday life. Carry your own reusable coffee cup. Take your own shopping bags to buy groceries. Avoid pre-wrapped veggies in the supermarket. Buy food in cans and glass jars rather than plastic. Say no to disposable cutlery and straws. Oh, and one more hot tip: If you’re ubering food, leave a comment in the instructions section asking for no plastic extras!

Eco bamboo cup artwork by Amanda Conway-Jones

2. Eat your veggies.

Eating more locally-sourced food that grows in the ground is not just good for the planet, its good for your body too. Try visiting your local farmers' markets (with your own shopping bags, naturally), this way you’ll be more likely to eat what’s fresh, local and in season - the way nature intended! Or even better, plant your own veggies and herbs. Your body, your wallet and the planet will be eternally grateful.


3. Move differently.

Look at your daily schedule and ask yourself if you could cycle, walk, carpool, take public transport for some or all of your journey. And when you’re only popping up the road, think about taking a stroll or a bike ride instead. Not only is it planet-friendly, but you’ll also get your daily dose of fresh air and exercise, making you happier, healthier and generally better looking. Win, win, win.

4. Shop online and support ethical brands.

Buying online on average consumes less energy and creates fewer carbon emissions that shopping in store. And remember to always order from brands that offer eco-friendly packaging. (We do! You can read more here) It’s useless ordering that bamboo toothbrush if it’s delivered to you in a plastic satchel filled with bubble wrap! (yes, this actually happened to a friend of mine!) Make a conscious choice to support brands whose ethics align with yours.


Our fully-compostable shipping bags.

5. Reduce food waste, and compost what you can.

The way we eat has a huge impact on our environment. There are too many points to go into here, so rather than freak you out completely, we’ll keep it simple. Firstly, write a shopping list and never shop hungry. This way you are way more likely to only buy what you need, not enough food to feed an army. Not only is wasted food a moral nightmare, producing food requires the consumption of precious resources (meat and dairy are also one of the highest producers of carbon emissions on the planet) and food waste creates methane as it rots, causing even more damage to our atmosphere. And finally, composting food waste saves it from going to landfill. Even if you don't have a garden there are a bunch of simple, totally doable (and non-stinky) ways to compost indoors! Woo hoo!

6. Put your money where your mouth is. 

You might easily be a really kind and moral person who just hasn’t thought about this one. How is your money invested? Yes, this means your savings, but also your super or your home loan. Switching to an ethical bank or super fund is one of the quickest and most effective ways to make a difference in the world. And best of all, there's a website that has done all the groundwork for you! You can check your bank or super fund here and see how they stack up, and if you don’t like what you see you can even put your bank on notice and ask them to change their ways!

Of course, this list is just the tip of the iceberg. Got some great tips of your own? Sharing is caring and we’d love to hear them, no matter how big or small! Leave a comment below.


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