Rachael Sarra on changing the date.

Rachael Sarra on changing the date.

We've reached out to a group of Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and non Indigenous Australians to find out their perspective and opinion on Australia Day, and changing the date. Please respect that this article serves as a platform for people to safely share their opinions on the topic. 


Rachael Sarra, our collaborating artist for the My Family collection believes the date should be changed. 



 Pictured: Rachael Sarra



"Bottom line, the date of Australia Day needs to change... AGAIN! 
We only started celebrating Australia Day consistently across of States on January 1994, so what's another date change? Plus with all the Survival Day protests and walks. Think about the cost of those days and the amount of Police support that is required to make those days safe. The traffic control. The amount of money it takes to keep Australia day on January 26th. That's the practical way of looking at it."
"My opinion though is not one based on practical thinking but one based on right and wrong, righting injustices, one of empathy and support. One based on the idea of truly creating unity in Australia. I don't want to completely eradicate Australia Day. Coming from a multicultural background I also want to celebrate the diversity of Australia."
Rachael Sarra Artwork
Graphic by Rachael Sarra.
"For most people Australia is all they know. But there lies the problem. We as a Nation do not know enough about our history. We don't know the hurt and trauma of our people. The extinction of clan groups, of languages, of customs. All of which started on January 26, 1788.  You would hope that if people knew the true hurt that we would have more consideration for other people. Truly, A.B Original and Dan Sultan said it best. "You can call it what you want, but it just don't mean a thing." Australia has not been created by or for Australians. If we are completely honest, what we celebrate is the foundation of a power play. 
Trauma, hurt, control. "
"We can do better, together. We can rebuild Australia that celebrates what makes Australia the most beautiful country to live in. But before we can do that we need to consider what we know and what we don't. This change needs to be driven by each and everyone of us. We all have a voice and we can all do better at using it for good, for solidarity and for a better, culturally inclusive future that we can all be proud of."
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  • Dick McGuigan

    Firstly, Cook himself was killed by indigenous people. Not from Australia’s original inhabitants by by Hawaiian indigenous people. To the best of my knowledge, I don’t know of any record that says that Cook killed anyone. I must admit that I do not know how January 26th became to be known as ‘Australia Day’ but I often do wonder where the original inhabitants of this country would be today, if the so called “Invaders” from another country (Whatever country it may have been) would be today, without proper education, medical facilities etc. I have no problems with the date of Australia Day being changed, because someone way back in whatever year it was, obviously decided that our country needed a ‘National Day’, and possibly due to their naivety, for some reason, decided that it would be January 26th. Perhaps the date of Kevin Rudds’ “SORRY” day, which officially recognized the plight of our first inhabitants, could be the date. ????

  • Shane Foster

    I can not believe the goverment will not admit that aboriginals were the first people and cook discovered nothing and to land with arms is invadeing not discover we should celerbrate coming together as one people ..longuju larrakia nation

  • Rhienna Lett

    Sarah has nailed it. She has spoken as only someone in touch with their heritage can truly understand. Education and understanding is what will unite us all. To heal the previous hurts, our history must not be minimised, not be pushed aside. We as a nation can do better.

  • Teresa

    LOVE the graphic. Eloquently and succinctly puts the view that I share. I’m not on instagram, but would love to ask Rachael’s permission to use it (or even better a ‘stamped’ version with proper attribution (in case someone wanted to share it further)) as a post on my own facebook page.

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