National Close the Gap Day

National Close the Gap Day
What is National Close the Gap day?
National Close the Gap Day (NCTGD) is a national day of action to pledge support for achieving Indigenous health equality by 2030. Each year the support for NCTDG continues to grow with tens of thousands of people around the country taking part. The aim of this day is to bring people together, to share information — and most importantly — to take meaningful action in support of achieving Indigenous health equality by 2030.
Why is it so important?
Aboriginal people are 2.3 times more likely to suffer a chronic condition than their non-Aboriginal counterparts and have the worst health outcomes of any community in Australia. In 2008, the Coalition of Australian Governments (COAG) launched Closing the Gap, a national framework that aims to provide a coordinated strategy targeting 7 key areas; child mortality, early childhood education, school attendance, reading and numeracy, year 12 or equivalent attainment and employment and life expectancy.

"Your actions can create lasting change. Be part of the generation that closes the gap."

How are we involved
Each year, Life Apparel actively engages with a number of Indigenous health care centres looking to provide our products as incentives for Indigenous locals to receive regular health checks. We are proud to take part in this initiative in any way possible, as it is something that we feel very strongly about. Once such Health Care organisation doing their part for the initiative is Wheatbelt Health Network, pictured below. 

Wheatbelt Health Network staff pictured wearing Life Apparel polo shirts 
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Help make a difference

Each year people from all over Australia come together to help make a difference. Our collective actions can create lasting change. For the last decade thousands of Australians from every corner of the country have shown their support for Close the Gap by marking National Close the Gap Day each year.
On this day, we have an opportunity to show our support that health equality as a fundamental right for all. Your actions can create lasting change. Be part of the generation that closes the gap.

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Norm Chapman

Norm Chapman

As a young white fella ring barking around Dirrun, Mungindi and the South Western area’s with the black fella’s I was given the name of Womba Wanda and proud to be the “crazy white boy”, they were very happy times for me and I have been helping to Close the Gap for most of my life. At age 76 I still have many black friends and do what I can to be involved. I show respect to all people who show me respect, I love your wicked humour, the story telling I have been privileged to hear and the friendships I have shared.
We also have about six of your shirts that we wear with pride.
Norm Chapman



Hi,I work in a small doctors surgery and would love to help promote the importance and what I am passionate about with indigenous health and wellbeing.How can we help and can you please send me more information for our practice to promote in the community.

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