Indigenous Literacy Day 2020

Indigenous Literacy Day 2020
In today’s world, reading and writing is an essential part of communication. It is an integral part of how we learn, how we connect and how we tell stories. It is so vitally important, especially for young people who are learning about the world around them and just beginning to find their voice.
Indigenous Literacy Day was the brainchild of former teacher and owner of Riverbend Books Suzy Wilson in 2004. Suzy first launched the Riverbend Readers Challenge, which later joined together with the Fred Hollows Foundation and the Australian Book Industry to become the Indigenous Literacy Project in 2007. In 2011 it was superseded by the Indigenous Literacy Foundation (ILF), a national not-for-profit charity focused on improving literacy levels in very remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

"Sovereignty comes from the ability for our young people to speak, read and write in their own language, and create new stories."

- Anita Heiss, ILF Abassabor
The Indigenous Literacy Foundation has since evolved into a much-loved force for good, dedicated to increasing literacy levels in remote Indigenous communities, helping to create equity in learning and opportunity among Australia’s youth. We at Life Apparel are huge fans of the wonderful work that ILF are doing, and have shown our continued support through yearly donations over the past several years.
Indigenous Literacy Day is celebrated each year on the 2nd of September. It is a national day aimed at raising awareness of the importance of literacy, especially in remote First Nations communities.
In previous years, the day’s celebrations have taken place at Sydney Opera House with children from remote communities, local schools, ILF ambassadors and supporters all coming together. Due to Covid-19, this year will look a little different. The wonderful news is that this means that everyone is invited (and strongly encouraged) to attend the event from their home or workplace. So please help to spread the word!
To learn more, attend the day’s online event or make a donation, head over to
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