Drug ARM - Lending a Hand Where it's Needed

Drug ARM - Lending a Hand Where it's Needed
With holiday celebrations coming up, and a challenging year behind us, we felt like now was the perfect time to highlight the wonderful work of kind and hard-working people around the country. We were recently contacted by an organisation called Drug ARM regarding NAIDOC shirts for their teams, and when we looked into the incredible work that these people were doing, we wanted to share it with you all.

"Each day I witness the depth of pain and trauma experienced by clients living with alcohol and drug dependency, and I choose to see the good in every day. I firmly believe that dependency is treatable – no matter what it is – and that all clients can have a better life." 

– Mark, Clinical Worker with Drug ARM

Drug ARM’s work in more than 40 locations across Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia has helped transform lives. Through a holistic approach, they have been able to achieve positive transformations for individuals, families and communities for over 170 years. With the help of more than 400 volunteers annually, Drug ARM serves the community 365 days a year.
Meet Reg, Lance, Reggie, Milly, Aunty Thora, Tracey and Amanda (pictured above). They make up part of one of the Child, Youth and Families teams working in a targeted early intervention program in the local communities of Boggabilla and Toomelah in New South Wales.
Drug ARM’s programs in this part of the country lend a helping hand to young people when they need it most, assisting them with whole range of issues including health, relationships, self-esteem, education, mental health and connection with culture and community.
COVID-19 has been a challenge for these communities in particular due to their close proximity to Queensland / New South Wales border. There are very few fresh food options available in these remote communities, and so these local teams have been a huge help in printing border passes and assisting local families in accessing fresh from over the border.
If you, like us, are moved by the wonderful work that the Drug ARM teams are doing and would like to find out more, you can visit their website here.

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