Black Lives Matter Protests

Black Lives Matter Protests
The recent death of George Floyd at the hands of police sparked major backlash in the African American community, with protesters taking to the street by the tens of thousands all around the country. The sheer size, emotion and power of the movement quickly sent shockwaves across the world, including Australia, with many Aussies taking to social media to show their support. Many members of Australian Indigenous community swiftly responded by highlighting the importance of first taking a look at the situation here on Australian soil.
And so began a wave of protests across the country protesting racial injustice across the world, and more specifically, the alarmingly high number of Aboriginal deaths in custody. In addition to this, sovereignty was never relinquished and to this day the Australian government is still destroying sacred Aboriginal sites to make way for industry. And thanks to the current protests, these and many other uncomfortable truths are being pushed up to the surface and into plain view.
Last week tens of thousands of people marched in solidarity for the Australian Indigenous and global black community, demanding racial justice. Upwards of 20,000 people attended the peaceful rally in Sydney, with large rallies of masked supporters formed in Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and numerous other cities across the country.

We at Life Apparel stand in solidarity with the Australian Indigenous community and their allies. We are incredibly passionate about spreading cultural awareness the best way we know how - by acting as a platform for Indigenous culture to shine. We hope to continue to lift cultural awareness into the spotlight whenever possible.

We are hopeful that the Indigenous/Black Lives Matter movements will create long overdue lasting, positive change in this country, and indeed in the rest of the world. Continue to stand peacefully together Australia, and stay safe.
Images sourced from - The Guardian AU,

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Tosca Z

Tosca Z

Great post. It is so important that Australians acknowledge racism and police racial profiling right here, and join the world in taking a firm stand against it.

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