Life Apparel is a collective of artists, storytellers, creatives, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and allies. Built on diversity and inclusion, collectively we strive to amplify First Nations voices and stories that ethically supports its artists, accelerate social change and spark important conversations through fashion.

Together, we’re stronger!



Beyond t-shirts. Beyond collections. Beyond fashion. Life Apparel is a messenger and vessel that connects First Nations artists, stories and culture with the wider community through wearable art. We make apparel with a meaning and encourage everyone to wear and show their values.

As an Australian-led boutique label and proud allies, Life Apparel nurtures supportive, empowering and inclusive environments for everyone. Cultivating an environment where all voices matter, and where our differences are celebrated is part of who we are.

Life Apparel (formerly known as Lifewear) was born in Naarm (Melbourne) in late 2014. Two years later we moved to Yugambeh Land (Gold Coast) where our team resides since then. Back in those days Indigenous design remained widely unacknowledged by mainstream fashion. Up until that point, First Nations peoples’ stories and artworks were primarily represented through art galleries.

Since then, dozens of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists have chosen to work with Life Apparel, thousands of customers have decided to support our artists, their collections and start an important dialogue in their own community.

We believe voices change conversations, and that amplified voices amplify impact. Our small team of Indigenous and non-Indigenous people are working hard to create a meaningful and trusted business through ethical practices and a purposeful mission. We are committed to driving change towards a more equal and honest society.

Collectively, we strive to amplify voices, advance social change and spark important conversations through fashion.



Life Apparel is an approved signatory of the Indigenous Art Code. It promotes ethical trading, integrity, transparency and accountability in dealings with First Nations Artists.

We're a keen champion of ethical practice in the industry and sees the voluntary Code of Conduct as an important way of helping to achieve that.

Life Apparel was born to connect First Nations artists, their art, stories and knowledge to wider society through ethical and accessible fashion items while creating economic opportunities for collaborating artists and the community as a whole.

Our core values have always been that garments are created ethically, that artists are paid for their artwork and that each piece is available to the public at an accessible price point. This remains integral to Life Apparel’s operations and soul. The artists are paid upfront for their work as well as receives ongoing royalties paid quarterly.



We’ve had the privilege of working in collaboration with 29 First Nations artists. Each Life Apparel piece features artworks by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander creators.

Together we translate traditional stories into contemporary fashion collections. Hear their stories. Support their dreams. Wear their art. Create change and amplify important voices in your community and the world.


We connect with an artist and get to know each other
We talk through the brief and complete the necessary paperwork
They create a new art piece (either a painting on canvas or a digital drawing) and submit their artwork
We digitise the artwork and make sure it retains its original look, colours and even the brush strokes
We thank and pay our collaborating artist for their work and return the original artwork
We start sampling, create products and print the artwork onto clothing. Life Apparel covers all the associated costs
The new items are added to our online store and promoted across our channels of 130k+ people and our affiliates
For every sale made through the online shop, our artist is paid royalties (at least 50% of the profit) and $1 is also donated to a charity of the customer’s choice (that’s you)
You wear your Life Apparel. Spark conversations or simply appreciate your wearable art piece.

Together we are stronger!