Aboriginal artist

Language group: Quandamooka



Meg is an emerging Indigenous artist who began exploring her Indigenous background through art a few years ago. Meg's biggest inspiration for her artworks is the lives of her grandfather and great grandfather who were born and lived on Quandamooka country. She enjoys using vibrant colours to convey each story within her artwork. She usually works with acrylics on canvas but has been exploring the use of oil pastels, pencils and inks. For Meg, painting is a way to remember her family’s Indigenous heritage and cultural identity.

She exhibited in the 'Facets of Fairholme' Art Exhibition and has been awarded the 'Mary Snow Emerging Artist Award'. Meg has been a finalist in the USQ Visual Art Competition, selected in the Creative Generation Regional Art Exhibition and awarded the Certificate of Commendation here. The Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery has also purchased one of her paintings last year.


Meg has teamed up with Life Apparel Co through Canopy Art to create a product specific, editioned artwork for Naidoc 2019.

She is currently represented with one design in our retail collection.


Acrylic on canvas


The artwork depicts meeting places that connect to one another and encourage the need of working together for a better future. Meeting places are symbolic to family and people, conveying the act of collaboration. The use of dots that fill in the spaces between these meeting places depict voices, and in some cases overlap, displaying how the 'voices' are saying the same thing and working together for a better future. The different colours within the dots also represent different land areas and tribes.


Meeting Places polo
Meeting Places cotton polo
Meeting Places leggings
Meeting Places hoodie
Meeting Places tie with pin
Meeting Places scarf

Life Apparel Co is a proud advocate and member of the Indigenous Art Code. We closely collaborate with and commission Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists. All Indigenous artworks that feature on the products are 100% authentic