You can call us Life Apparel Co now.

The countdown is over. Life has begun.

No, seriously. 

We’ve started a new era, and have moved beyond the 'wear'. As of the 16th of October 2018, Lifewear is transitioning into a new identity: Life Apparel Co, with a fresh new logo, a clean new website and new socials under the username, @lifeapparelco.

Why the change?

Our collaborating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island artists are simply amazing, we wanted to show their work off in more ways than just wearable garments. We guess you could say that we’ve outgrown ourselves as Lifewear. Life Apparel Co encompasses our new products and ventures.

With our suave new image, we thought we better clean things up from a packaging point of view too. Minimising our carbon footprint is super important to us - which is why we decided it was time to ditch the plastic, and introduce an 100% recyclable packaging/unboxing experience.

The Life Apparel team is so excited about these changes. As some of you may know, we started in 2015 with a one-off product release with no intention of becoming a company. It was only through the support and encouragement of our loyal customers, amazing artists and the communities around Australia that we were inspired to move forward, so we thank you for supporting us every step of the way.

Life is evolving, grow with us.

With love,

The Life Apparel team