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© Artwork created by First Nations artist Corban Clause Williams, a Martu, Manyjilyjarra man from Western Australia. Learn more →

The story of Kaalpa:

“Kaalpa is my two grandfathers' ngurra (home). They were pujiman (traditional, desert dwelling) in Kaalpa, where they walked around hunting bush tuckers, getting meat. It's got kapi (water) there, a well, jurnu (soak) and tuwa (sandhills).

When we been in Kaalpa the elders said 'this is your Country, this is your home. This one here is yours and your little sister’s home, this is your two's grandfather's Country'. I painted a lot with my nana Jakayu [Biljabu] and little bit I got her style of painting into my painting.

First, when you have a brush in your hand it's like I see it in my mind, the sandhills, waterholes. I picture it in my head and I am back there.”

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