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© Artwork created by First Nations artist Emma Hollingsworth, a Kaanju, Kuku Ya’u, Girrimay woman from QLD Australia. Learn more →

The story of Coastal Dreaming:

The artwork was inspired by the Naidoc 2019 theme: Voice, Treaty, Truth. It represents the communities along the coast, and the mob within those communities. All of the communities are connected by lines, or “tracks” which are either walking tracks or tracks made by boats, as people go from island to mainland.

Coastal clans thrive as the tropical climate provides an abundance of fresh water, and the sea provides plenty of fish or ‘minya’ making for a healthy diet. Indigenous people have always fished sustainably and taken care of the land properly. If we come together we can learn how to take care of the waterways, sea and the land using traditional methods and save our environment.

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